thinwear.clothing – We make shirts that fit thin tall men. Are you 6’3″ 170lb, 6’2? You probably can’t find readily available shirts that fit. Stay tuned thinwear is coming. Even designated ‘slim fit’ shirts are either too wide in the body or too short in length for thin tall men. A proper shoulder fit, sleeve length, body width and body length shouldn’t be too much to ask. #thinwear is coming.

What is thinwear

Firstly, thinwear is not ‘slim fit’. This is an important distinction.

If you’re tall, but thin like me, then chances are you might be frustrated with ‘slim fit’ shirts that are too short or too wide. Thinwear is truly thin in body without being painted on (comfortably snug, not tight). Thinwear recognizes that shoulders are wider than the body in thin people and have ensured a proper fit in the shoulders along with a proper body fit. A proper body fit not only incorporates a thin slighly tapered torso, but also features a comfortable length in both torso and sleeve.

My name is Geoff; I’m tall and thin, and can’t find a shirt that fits me anywhere. My mission is to fix that problem.

Pre-Orders and Inquiries

Pre-order or inquire about thinwear T-shirts here. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thinwear T-shirts intitially will come in two fabric options, 100% organic cotton and a 95% cotton 5% spandex blend.